How Joe Soto Built a $1.1 Million Dollar Social Media Marketing Agency While Raising 8 Kids

Start your own social media consultancy agency today – How do you build a business with little money or no …

  1. Amazing breakthrough this is for us. Soon I'll be here. Soon

  2. 8 kids! Good job Joe! I just did three of your lessons, great training and tips, I can't wait to put it all into practice! Thanks guys!

  3. I'm Honestly, so glad I got started with SMMA!
    Its a lot of learning, but I honestly feel like I have the skills to start making an incredible income.

    Joe Soto's training on facebook is spot on!!

  4. the big sharks always wants their data base fills up. Thats what Tai wants least. so the future of social media is database?

  5. this was great ,
    gonna make it happen

  6. I would love to have you as a mentor.

  7. tai lopez is an amazing sales man. Geez!

  8. My goal is to one day open up my own gym💪 fitness=life

  9. what's the name of all the books on the table?

  10. Let him talk for crying out loud!

  11. You should make some videos with Alpha M

  12. fuck this, I'll just play poker

  13. Tai, I want to create an app. I have an amazing idea but I don't know where to start.. I don't know if you'll see this or anything but I want to share it with you

  14. Realllllly great video here!

  15. buenos videos tai, se me dificulta entenderlos por que nose traduce correctamente al español, pero buenos videos, si pudieran poner los subtitulos en español mas personas podrian ver esos videos y seguir el canal

  16. Thanks Tai i can't wait to start my first business soon!

  17. Not seeing a way to sign up for email waiting list

  18. Very useful thanks alot Tai

  19. Love how he quickly Joe plugged his wife's company name! lol

    I'm from Minneapolis btw 🙂

  20. I woke up today jonesing for a Tai Lopez video, low and behold there was one…so happy 🙂

  21. Tai, would love to get on a list for when this re-opens. Bummed I missed it. Would love to add social media to the list of my main strengths. Thanks.

  22. Tai you're amazing and I want to join the course!

  23. 8 kids? that's quite a number

  24. is the beta class full already? and if so where is the waiting list e-mail

  25. how can people hate on this guy hes just trying to inform the public on how to make money and be better

  26. This video was extremely informative!

  27. Tai I think that it's a great opportunity to make a good amount of money by doing the social media marketing for a small business

  28. He looks like Oscar de la Hoya 😂😂

  29. Respect. I'm happy to see such entrepreneurs in action. That gives a lot of inspiration.

  30. a formal education will make you a living but self education will make you a fortune? that's beautiful 😱

  31. What is the base camp software?

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